What is Pay per click?

pay per click

What are the means of Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising in digital marketing? the PPC is easy to crater own brand advertise according to your requirement let’s explain to understand the simple example

You have your own clothes shops. now you think you are creating your own website for your shop. but you do not get more traffic on your website. now you have two opposition 

  1. You can run add campaign(PPC)
  2. Make your site SEO 

As you thinking a long time ranking your site so you can do SEO on your site. If you only focus on increase your sales for a short time you can run add campaign through PPC.






How to start pay per click (PPC)

pay per click (PPC)

you are giving the money of google how may visitors click your add. Before you running add you must be known how to use google keyword planner according to your business-related keyword you can decide which running add you will be run. The per pay click (PPC) is easy to short type increase your business. conversion. the above example two types. 

1. Low rage PPC

Let’s say you want to run your add “per pay click” this is your keyword for your ran your add-in google. you have also observed before you can add what is PPC for one-click we as a assume twelve rupees.according to how may user visit your add you are paying the money of the google   

2. High rage PPC

Now the same keyword “per pay click (PPC)” you want add ran this keyword but in this case, PPC range is high let’s say one click you are paying money one hundred rupees. you more change your add will show in the first rank on the google page.

How may platform  you can run your add using PPC in digital marketing


While you are watching any video on YouTube  you show to add that all add is pay per click  (PPC)


When you are crawling on Facebook you are showing some videos add side written sponsored  this is part of a pay per click (PPC)


When you are like and comment for any video or photos but some videos are as sponsored videos maybe you are observation on Instagram  


When you are searching for anything on google some of the top results you are seen the add.

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