how many platform of social media marketing

Before the two decades  most of the people had not cell phone.now the time we are all have smart phone.social media marketing not only upload photos and videos but many more uses




Facebook not only posted some videos. you can do a lot more. you have a clothes shop. how you start your social media for your shop.first to create a business page on your Facebook account after then create shop related posts every day. if you engage more advance you can also run advertising on Facebook account. the Facebook page using create more awareness for your shop and brand. through the facebook increases your business.    


this is the best way social media using Instagram. nowadays more use of sharing photos and videos. you can create your business account then after every day creates related posts your shop. every post you must use a related hashtag and tag the people. if you can also run related add and increase awareness of your brand.   


LinkedIn most of people use for hire candidate-related job profile. you can be sent the link on LinkedIn and visited your site.to save the cost of hire for candidates.the people are also post related to their business profile. this is the use of linkedIn.


Twitter is the use of increase the traffic of bloggers and microblogging for social media.you have to create your content related to your business.   

“Social media is a game of add value of customer life and lead your business”  


social media not only upload the photo but frequently ask the question of your customer and feedback. using social media marketing you could create build the relationship. social media marketing power to lead your business around the city and world. to low cost lead generated in your business using social media marketing.  

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