what is the mean of artificial intelligence?

artificial intelligence

When people her about artificial intelligence so people thought about robots.

That is because of seeing movies and novels and various stories.

Human communication with the machine so easily all manage task and human life more simple.

Human behavior converts to the machine program. 

Artificial intelligence take its own decision and  solve the human problem

Let’s see some examples so we can easily understand what is Artificial intelligence 



Most of the people are don’t know how to work Facebook

when you sent to request your friends in your Facebook account then after you saw you see other friends related to their friends.

who will decide that is related to friends  or not so that will be decided by artificial intelligence

Then artificial intelligence change to according visibility base on human activity

All the observation which type of pic you are like or comment in your Facebook account



When you are searching on google how to find related results.  

 To show in your screen devices that are part of artificial intelligence

The Google algorithm automatically sets the results whatever you are searching for items.

Which web sites show on the first page all the decision taken by artificial intelligence 

The google is the biggest platform form search all over the word so billion of data analysis by artificial intelligence 


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