What is SEO

How to work SEO?

  • First of all, submit your website to google webmaster work for SEO in digital marketing.
  • then after googling webmaster tool crawling your website and index on google searching 
  • finally, google is rocking your site according to your keyword and meta description 

when you are doing  SEO you must know about certain things

keyword searches

what is keyword searches SEO in digital marketing mainly two types of keyword research

Online keyword research

while you are searching on google let’s say how to SEO in digital marketing.you can be got so many results but which one you will click those whose show top up three result.you are open that website and see what is it.may be the question comes up in your mind how to find right keyword so that you can batter way ranking in your site. here is show example is below.

Google keyword planner tool

offline keyword searching

You are focus about few point

  1. find what is low and medium competition keyword for SEO digital marketing
  2. this is keyword  related to your website post or not
  3. search on google that keyword if found the low result so you can rank your keyword on the  google 
  4. you can also check how many time particular keyword searching as a  monthly and yearly searching  on the google 

Offline searching 

offline keyword searching
  • when I am searching SEO in digital marketing that time google showing the automatic result that is a people searching on google that keyword.
  • what type of keyword people searching on google we can find it using automatically google search results.this is helpful of SEO in your site 
  • this is the right ways to find keyword for your SEO
  • you can find a number of keyword according to your requirement
  • only you  can  search on google find your keyword 

Before you start SEO in digital marketing you know about a certain tool

1.goole analytics 

2.goole keyword planner

3.goole treads

4.goole search consol

5.yoast SEO

DOs and DON’Ts for SEO in digital marketing 


1. Find your related keyword 

2. Use appropriate keyword 

3. Found your duplicated content

4. Use image and video in your content 

5. Use the suitable heading  


  1. You can don’t use more your keyword
  2. Never wright long paragraph
  3. Not use the long meta description 
  4. You can’t use a complicated world 
  5. Not copy the content another website 

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