What is need to create email marketing strategy. how to grow your business using email marketing. what is require of email marketing today competition word.

  • Let’s say you have collect all your customer email database and try to direct selling your product to them.

     Oops! that is not right way of doing  email marketing. There are two main thing we have to consider.

          1. Money and 2. Time.

  • Through this process you will generate 40 times revenue in your business.
  • we all are changing the phone,clothes and mobile number. but we are never changing our email address ,that way email marketing is important part of grow business.email address is part of life 

Lead magnet of email marketing 

you are basically take the email id ,phone number and name through your form.you are ever think about what you are given the people.
What you can given the people after taken the email id?

1.E-book related your product 

2.your video series(may be sent five video day by day)

3. Surveys form(you create some quiz) 

4.join free webinar 

how many ways you can be collect the email address?

5.web site

Auto responded tool

e-mail marketing tools

Lists of the tool 


this is service provider all across the world 100,000 small business.you can according your email address drive to auto sent email from the people 

 2.Active campaign

This plate from is help over 100,000 businesses in 161+ countries and engage satisfied customer.that is best email marketing tool

 3.mail cheap

the use friendly interface provided by mail cheap.you can personalize as per  your domains using affordable prices. the mail cheap email marketing support small and large businesses  

American said according your email list you can learn money in dollar but in India you can earn money half form the american dollar 

Biggest mistake 

don’t try to direct sell your product that is most of people do

Traffic Temperature 

1.First Stage customer 

Those people don’t no who you are and which type services you are providing

2. Second Stage customer 

The people is all ready consume your content buy not your product purchase yet

3.Third stage customer 

The people are buy your products may be one time or more 

this is ways of approach you can divided your customer and according sent your content 

Only recommended  those products after you using it 
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